About TA’s Logo


The meaning behind the Trinity Awakenings Logo combines the ancient origins of the Celtic trinity knot with nature-inspired spiritual symbolism. The Trinity knot has ancient Celtic pagan origins. It is said to be related to the phases of the moon, as well as female phases and life cycles. The ancient Celts believed that the most significant aspects of life came in threes. The Trinity symbol is three triangular shapes that are knotted into one and thus interconnected. I wanted to express a sense of interconnectedness in this design by representing the elements of the Earth. Each triangular point represents a different element. Earth, Air, and water are all interconnected and aligned. The element of Fire is represented in the subtle flame shape in the center of roots which are grounded in the Earth at the bottom half of the design.

Within the Trinity symbol, I also envisioned a body seated in meditation with legs crossed and hands connecting at the top. The top of the Trinity symbol has two hands coming together at the top and reaching towards the divine universe. The Tree that is connected to the Trinity symbol represents the branching out and Awakening of the spirit which remains firmly grounded and rooted within the Earth. The spirit is connected to nature and therefore it is fully connected to it’s true purpose and path. The center of the tree fixed within the trinity knot represents the core of the spirit remaining centered and grounded.

The colors used for the final design symbolize the colors of the Chakra points on the body. The deep red is symbolically blended into the roots as it represents the “Root Chakra”. This is very significant to the concepts of Earth, Grounding, Focusing, and Centering. Each Chakra is represented as an organic gradation of color to emphasize the balance that one must sustain when remaining centered and awake. The violet color at the top of the trinity knot and tree represents the “Crown Chakra”. This Chakra color is symbolically placed at the top to signify balanced wisdom through spiritual connection and consciousness. The branches with this violet Chakra color are growing and expanding outward to remain open to the divine Awakening within the spirit.

-Linda Murphy

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