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A friend told me about Anne when the topic of spirit animal came up – set in her mind this was what was paramount for me to know at that very moment.   I did not feel the same and just let my friend be my friend…pushy.  While hesitant, there was still a knowing I felt, that Anne and I would cross paths eventually.

Months went by and a close family friend was seeking a psychic and even intended for a “reading party” as she wanted to get in touch with her late brother who died a couple of weeks prior.  I immediately thought of Anne and reached out in which she said yes to be contacted.  I personally did not attend the party and honestly the hesitation was still present.  I was uncertain about it all.  Yet a sense of being pulled to her because I showed up at the end of the gathering and it was too late for a reading (insert my relief or so I thought).  To my surprise, I felt an incredible sense of safety within seconds of being around her.  A safe place is next to having air at times.

I felt her warmth and I would go as far as saying her love.  I am ready to do this now.  A few weeks passed and again the pull regarding Anne would not go away.  After a week of going back and forth, on a Sunday,  I finally said yes to what I knew I needed to do.  We set an appointment for the following Tuesday.  Anne was prompt and inviting when she arrived to my house and we agreed to go to the park down by the river.  Butterflies danced in the pit of my belly as we casually talked on the car ride over.

When the reading started, Anne only said a few things and the chills started up my arm.  Her insight was so on point from how I felt, how I had been treated by others, my dreams, and even family members that passed that presently walk with me.  Not to mention she’ll keep it straight with you! “What the blank are you waiting for?!” She asked me in reference to my fear of doing what I feel is right for me…my dream of acting and being in creative based business.

Between the reading and the spirit animal tarot cards she pulled at the end which were only confirmation to that session I walked away feeling grounded.  The grass under my feet coupled with Anne’s gifts were the perfect concoction of healing…empowerment and hope.  I also felt a sense of relief that I was not crazy!  Everything I had been dreaming of and envisioning was not as far off as I thought.
There was confirmation all around that reading and interaction.  Anne ended the session with looking up the angel number 9 as it kept coming up for me throughout and it was the ultimate and tearful conclusion.

Anne was professional, accurate, insightful, and straightforward.  Love was attached to her words and presence.  While I felt her knowing I also felt her growing in that moment too…maybe I sensed her own realization of confirmation as to her life’s mission.  Whatever Anne pursues I know it will be in love and it will bring healing, hope, and freedom, amongst so many other things that we all seek in this life experience.  I am personally grateful for her and while I still don’t know my spirit animal (wink) our experience was powerful and opened doors while closing others.  Anne will be my confidant and intuitive and I look forward to seeing her elevate to new levels in her gifts.

With light and love,

I met Anne through a mutual friend at an event in DE and knew instantly she was a kind hearted genuine person that would be in my life.  After the event I went back to NC with a feeling of meeting someone very special that would be an impact on my life.

Many months later I moved up to DE and ran into Anne again at different events and constantly felt a pull to her.  We talked many times about different things in life and she always had an amazing perspective that no one else could see.  She made me feel safe and secure no matter what situation may be around us.  For many months I debated about asking Anne to do a reading with her but in my own mind I was nervous what she may reveal to me.  After she pulled some cards for me on my birthday I realized I would need to have a reading sooner than later with her as the cards were so on point with my life and what I was hoping for but unsure if it could happen.

Well, later came and I finally asked Anne for a session with her to have a reading.  I was a bit nervous at first because I was unsure what was about to be revealed to me and if I would want to hear it.  Anne’s insight of me was on point with my emotions, dreams, and revealing to me my own spirit animals as well as sharing that someone who passed is by my side always.  I love that Anne is a blunt person who will tell you how it is.  Will call you out when you aren’t being true to yourself and she did that in my reading.  After the reading Anne pulled spirit animal cards which impacted the reading even more.  Everything just aligned and accurate with what I have been going after and searching for.

After my reading and pulling of cards with Anne I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.  There was this sense of relief and security in knowing I was making the right moves.  I felt I could feel some growth with Anne as well in my reading as she had different things come to her that do not usually in her readings with others.  The experience was enlightening and powerful.

Anne was professional, straightforward, loving, and healing.  I could feel her genuineness throughout her words as well a sense of security from her.   I am grateful to have this experience with Anne.  She is going to help so many others with her healing, hope, and love.  I look forward to watching Anne grow with her gifts and all that she will be giving to everyone around her.

T. M.

Anne’s talents in the spiritual realm are nothing short of extraordinary! Anne and I have know each other for many years, after meeting a shared company event.

I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to “readings”.  I had the opportunity to attend a friend’s reading party.  It was complete fate that I was able to attend, as I had just come off a horribly stressful day when my friend called me to stop by her house to attend the event.  In that moment I was open to just about anything, and knowing that Anne was doing the reading made it all the better!

Anne is the kindest and most caring person I know.  She is always thinking of others!  I thought that I would be nervous, but Anne’s calm nature put any small hesitations to rest.  I was amazed and completely intrigued by the reading that evening.

Even though I knew Anne prior to the reading, the things she shared with me were things that she did not know prior to that day.  She sensed my stress as soon as I sat down with her, and told me EXACTLY where I was feeling it…in my cheeks!  Anne guides you gently through the reading, step by step she talks through what she “sees”.  Even giving me thoughts for what the future may hold for me.

It was an incredible experience.  I would not hesitate to do it again!  I would highly recommend Anne to anyone looking to gain spiritual insight and perspective!

R. M.